Evaristo's first album, 'Luna del Barrio', is also available!

Press play (under image) to hear 'Luna del Barrio', the title track from Evaristo's independently produced album of original Salsa music. Get it now on iTunes, CD Baby (cdbaby.com/cd/evaristo), or your favourite music site.

Evaristo's most recent recording, 'Siempre que llueve...' (After the Rain) is out now. Click here for more information.

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What the critics say about 'Luna del Barrio':

Latin Beat Magazine, by Nelson Rodríguez
"Vocalist Evaristo Machado debuts with the flashy Luna de Barrio, that gives us an insight to his compositions and is highlighted by the tracks Ella, El Baile del Saoco, Salsa Con Timba and Luna del Barrio."

CalabashMusic.com, as quoted on the National Geographic World Music Web site
"Evaristo Machado's first recorded album 'Luna Del Barrio' is a mix of salsa, timba and jazz, which will be appreciated by dancers and Cuban music lovers."

Juventud Rebelde review by Joaquin Borges-Triana (translated from the Spanish)
"As a whole, the CD shows us Evaristo’s potential as a singer, who stands out as much by his refinement as by his ability to improvise in the Cuban ‘montunos’ style. Although his objective is to make us dance, he also has the power to give us refined and subtle lyrics, that do not present any type of pretense but rather, when all is said and done, simply dignity and elegance. To give a taste of the tracks on the CD, I call special attention to the cuts ‘Salsa con Timba’, ‘Luna del Barrio’, ‘El Baile del Saoco’ and ‘Por la Carretera’, as well as ‘Desamparado’ (Abandoned), a very good song with certain ‘funky’ style. As a representative Salsa recording that also tries to explain things, I see this as a prelude to more diverse works that I believe are sure to come." (Click here to read the entire review)

Salsa.it review by Roberto Rabbi (translated from the Italian)
"Anyone who listens to the title number “Luna del Barrio” will notice that we are faced with an extremely danceable and intriguing track; one that, for its immediate attraction to the ear has all the signs of becoming a hit. Likewise, each of the remaining 8 tracks are of beautiful quality, making the whole album, with its especially jazzy harmonies, a distinctive and refined production..." (Click here to read the entire review)

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